1. Are all of your products gluten free/vegan/cruelty free/etc? 

Yes, everything we make is vegan, cruelty free, made without gluten containing ingredients, and works well for those with sensitive skin. Product ingredients are listed under each item if you are concerned about a particular ingredient.

2. Are your products good for acne prone skin? 

We do not have a specific line of products for acne prone skin, but the face scrub and detoxifying clay mask are helpful for cleaning pores and helping dry up any excess oils that may be causing breakouts.

3. Do your products work well for sensitive skin? 

Our founder has very sensitive skin and uses the products daily!  Just remember to patch test each product on a wrist/arm before using.  Make sure to only use one product at a time, if you are concerned about sensitive skin and then begin adding in new products.  Using too many new products at once can sometimes cause irritation with sensitive skin.

4. When will my order be shipped? 

All orders will be shipped as soon as possible, but every order placed will be shipped within 5-7 business days (due to holidays etc).  Arrival time of product depends on location of recipient.  

5. What if the products irritate my skin?

If a product feels like it is causing irritation, please stop using it immediately.  Make sure to patch test the product on an inner wrist/arm before applying to face.  Also, layering too many products at once may cause irritation for some users, so be sure to add one at a time to your skin care routine.

6. What is your return policy? 

While we cannot accept used or opened products, we would happily accept returns on all unopened product.  Pease contact us at info@fionacateskincare.com if you need to return an unopened product.  Shipping charges will not be refunded.

7. Will I see immediate results? 

Remember that skin care products are not a quick fix.  Always allow 4-6 weeks to determine results.  During that time, focus on how the product feels on your skin when you apply and make sure that you are applying at the proper stage of your skin care routine.